Electronics Production

:sparkles: Updated for 2023 evaluation standards!

  • Group assignment:

    • Characterize the design rules for your in-house PCB production process: document feeds, speeds, plunge rate, depth of cut (traces and outline) and tooling.
    • Document your work to the group work page and reflect on your individual page what you learned
  • Individual assignment:

    • Make and test the development board that you designed to interact and communicate with an embedded microcontroller

Learning outcomes

  • Described the process of tool-path generation, milling, stuffing, de-bugging and programming
  • Demonstrate correct workflows and identify areas for improvement if required

Have you answered these questions?

  • Linked to the group assignment page
  • Documented how you made (mill, stuff, solder) the board
  • Documented that your board is functional
  • Explained any problems and how you fixed them
  • Uploaded your source code
  • Included a ‘hero shot’ of your board


Do I have to include NC-files?

Answer: No.

How do I know if my board is functional?

Answer: Demonstrate that you can upload a program to your board and the board executes the program succesfully.

:wink: Have a question or feedback? Use this quick link to open an issue in GitLab class repo!

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