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Final Project - Bio-signal Data Collection & Analyzation Tool Kit


Motion sickness has long been recognised as an important factor affecting a person's car riding experience. In this project, I would like to develop a bio-signal data collection and analyzation tool kit that can be further developed for predict the occurrence of motion sickness based on human physiological signals. This device will be used in a car riding environment, anyone who is likely to encounter car-sickness will be a potential user.

Idea Sketch

The figure below has shown the original idea design of this tool set.

This detection tool consists of 5 parts:

  • A set of sensors for collecting human physiological signals includes motion, PPG, SKT etc.
  • A data processor module based on Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth connection.
  • A trained AI algorithm for data processing which can be deployed on Raspberry Pi.
  • A screen to show motion sickness dose value.
  • A control panel for function selection.

After weeks of learning I have adjusted my final project design and the idea is demonstrated as below. In this new design the Tool kit is divided into two parts: A Raspberry Pi 4B Data Processing Module and A Seeed Studio Xiao nRF52840 (Sense) Biosignal Data Collection Head Band Module.

The purchase list involved in this project is shown as table below.

Overall Techniques Applied in this Project

  • Computer Aided Design - the Bio-signal Detection Module Housing
  • Computer Controlled Cutting - the LOGO Sticker
  • Embedded Programming - the Bio-Signal Detection Module Program and the Data Processing Program
  • 3D Printing - the Housing of Bio-signal Detection Module
  • Input device - Multi-biosensors
  • Output device - Screen
  • Electronic Design - Design Biosensor Connections to MCU
  • Electronic Production - Production of PDB
  • Networking and Communications - Bluetooth Connection between Raspberry Pi and Bio-signal Detection Module
  • Interface and application programming - Demonstration of the Detected and the Analyzed Bio-signal Value.