Zorro the wire cutter


Equipment Details

Zorro is a wire cutter that we built during the machine building class of 2022. It is an aluminum extruded frame with 3D printed and laser cut parts. It is driven by Nema motors and uses a modified version of the URUMBU mechanical drive design. The electronics hardware is an Arduino CNC shield with a GRBL control firmware. Zorro’s specifications are included below.

Custom DIY Urumbu based Wire-cutter
Materials 2020 extruded aluminum, laser cut plexi-glass, PLA printed parts
Table Size 250 x 250 mm
Work Plan 250 x 250 x 300 mm
Number of Axes Three : two linear, one rotational
Maximum Empty Travel Speed 4800 mm/min
Working Speed 4800 mm/min
Operation type extruded aluminum with wheel carriages and belt drives (x and y axes), geared stepper motor (z - rotational axis)
Motors Nema 11 (x and z), Nema 17 (y)
Power Supply 12V system with AC220V, 50HZ converted computer power supply
Run Command G Code
Operating System UGS platform
Support Software Inkscape, Mods