Pinnochio the PCB milling CNC


Equipment Details

Pinnochio is our micron precision benchtop CNC machine that is designed for PCB milling. Pinnochio was another one of the major workhorses of the lab. It is as Funwill 3018 Pro that was purchased on Amazon. Details regarding the machine can be found here. A photo of a similar machine as well as the machine specs are included below.

Funwill CNC 3018 Pro Engraving Router Maching
Material Aluminum and plastic
Working area 300 x 180 x 40 mm
Frame size 420 x 355 x 280 mm
Spindle 775 spindle motor
Spindle chuck ER11
Stepper motor 1.3 A / 0.25 N.m
Power supply 24V / 5.6A (110V - 240V)
Supported System Windows
Supported format jpg/bmp/png/gerber/gcode
Communication port Micro USB