Geppeto the benchtop CNC


Equipment Details

Geppeto is a custom built desktop CNC designed for medium builds for machining waxh and wood for assignments such as moulding and casting. Gepetto is body is a combination of 3D printed and extruded alluminum, with Nema 17 motors and an Arduino CNC sheild as hardware and a GRBL controller for firmware. He was made from an open source machine available on Thingiverse. A photo of the original design and the specifications are included below.

Custom DIY Dremel CNC
Machine Type 3030 Single Head CNC Router Woodworking Machine
Table Size 300 x 500 mm
Work Plan 300 x 300 x 100 mm
Number of Axes Three
Maximum Empty Travel Speed 4800 mm/min
Working Speed 4800 mm/min
Operation type Linear bearings with lead screw (all axes)
Spindle Power 500 W airc cooled spindle
Spindle Speed 0-12000 rmp
Motor Nema 17
Operating Voltage AC220V, 50HZ
Run Command G Code
Operating System UGS platform
Support Software FreeCAD, Inkscape, Mods