Bumblebee the laser cutter


Equipment Details

This 60W CO2 Laser Engraver Machine was produced by OMTech and can be found here . It has a 20" x 28" working area. A photo of a similar machine along with the specfications are included below.

Power 100W
Software Ruida DSP Control System
Engraving Speed 0-23.62 in/s
Engraving/Cutting Thickness 0-0.39"(depending on materials)
Data Transfer Interface Flash Drive; USB to PC; Ethernet to PC & Offline Capabilities
Working Size 20" X 28"
Compatible System Windows, MacOS if you use LightBurn software (not included)
Cutting Speed 0-15.75 in/s
Lift Table 0-9.1"
Supported Graphics Formats HPGL; BMP; GIF; JPG; JPEG; DXF; DST; AI