3D Scanning and Printing


Here, we are checking the dimensions of the printouts from the 3D printer



Test the design rules for our 3D printer and reflect on our individual page what we’ve learned about the characteristics of our printer.

Wall thickness

In this test, a piece was printed in which wall thicknesses were increased in an additive manner, and the gap between two walls was also printed. The results of this test showed that a minimum thickness of around 0.8mm is required before the wall will not be able to support itself and begin to deform.



The birdging test evaluates how far your extruder can pul a filament across a gap before drooping or sagging. In this test, the length between two posts is gradually increased. Interestingly, every gap was perfectly bridged



This test looked at how long of an overhang can be used before the print begins to fail. In this test, overhangs of increasing length are printed and the length at which the print becomes messy is the limit. The results for our printer indicated that the limit is approximately 3 mm of overhang