Week 18
Project Development.

Happy to see you once again, this is the last assignment of the fab academy. Netx is the final project. This assignment is all about the final project update and feedback.lets get start... 😀

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

    Task Completed:
  1. Procurement of matterial. ✓
  2. 3D CAD Design. ✓
  3. Plasma cutting of Enclosure cabinet parts. ✓
  4. Burner system Assembly.✓
  5. Painting of Enclosure cabinate.✓
  6. Assembly of encloser cabinet and ashtray.✓
  7. 3D design of control panel handle.✓
  8. ATtiny 1614 PCB board design, fabrication and testing.✓
  9. Incinerator Arduino Program.✓
  10. Control panel wire routing.✓
    tasks remain:
  1. 3D printing of control panel handles.
  2. Copper pipeline fitting for LPG supply.
  3. Electronic components mounting and wiring on machines.

What's working? what's not?

  1. The 1.K-type thermocouple is not showing appropriate reading.It might be because I have used around 5 meters of wires to transmit a signal from the Incinerator to the control panel.
  2. Some of the Ignition Circuits got damaged. During testing.
  3. My last final board MOSFET IRF546 switching circuit was not working So I have to made a new board with another ATtiny 1614 .this time I use another N-CHANNEL MOSFET 50N06 SMD .which was running perfectly I test my Electronic integration code on it .All working perfectely until I connect it with an External power supply from fablam .which damage the Ic.Then I make 3 final board using 3216 which has almost similar characteristic as ATtiny 1614.

what questions need to be resolved?

My K-type thermocouple is not working. Is it because I use a long wire(4 core pvc wire 5 meter) to carry signals.It works on Spi communication.and Its work perfectely when I connect to direct bord without long distance cable.

what will happen when?

Just one week remains for the final project presentation. A bundle of work with me. To make my project presentable work. I have to manage my work in a very sincere and focused way.
    Plane of action for this week:
  • Day1:Design and fabricate ATtiny 3216 board and test with all components keeping K-Type thermocouple on hold. also on the other hand supporting the 3D printing job running simultaneously.
  • .Day2:Start Making copper Pipeline assembly for LPG gas flow with help of Purnesh and assemble also dose simentensly control panel wire routing with the help of Shanker.
  • Day3:leakage testing of pipeline assembly and installing it on the machine. Mounting the Gas flow controlling Automation system involving solenoid valve servo motor with variable flow adjuster.
  • Day4: Mounting all electronics including the Ignition circuit and Control panel.
  • Day5:Taking trials of the incinerator, recording videos for presentation and making presentation slights.
  • Day6:one day for extra if something misses I will cover it simultaneously video preparing for the presentation.
  • Day7:Presentation day.

what have you learned?

During this 6 month of course and this hard working time of the final project.I learn so many soft skills as well as technical abilities.

  • I learn how to manage a team and project work.
  • I improved my last version code and also solved somany hardware issues and troubleshooting the electronics.
  • Did friendship with rapid prototyping tools including 3D printer ,SRM20,LASER cutter.
  • Learn how to learn new things.without knowing any thing.
  • Try to implement a Design thinking process .
  • .Learn how to do work smartely.
  • .learn workshop fabrication processes. And many moreā€¦
  • With the help of modern technology like rapid protiping tools anything can be made in fablab.

Presentation Slide:

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project presentation Slide.

Presentation Video:

I Prepare above drafts of project summary slide and video clip and put them in my root directory.