Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

Table of content:

1 - make the problem statement and solution clear
2 - some improvements
3 - Whom should i approach?
4 - make it easy to install(plug and play
5 - get funds
6 - protect the idea
7 - Future possibilities
8 - Slide and presentation

Dissemination plan for my Final project

I have some tentative plan regarding how can i make my project accessible in the market for the public use:

make the problem statement and solution clear

when discussing the idea with others and working on the project, a lot of times i had to make it clear that the device i want to make will only give feedback regarding the leakage, it won't solve the issue. The device i made will only show you the data of leaking drop and stream and give instant feedback and then it will be upon the person in charge of maintainance to examine the reason behind the leakage and fix it. So if you(institute or public place) are someone who finds the leaking water from the taps an issue worth solving and wants to install some device that will just indicate them and give you data of the leakage so that you can take initiative to solve the leakage problem as soon as possible, then i have the perfect solution.

some improvements

currently the final project is in a prototype stage and it is working as per my expectation. However it not not ready to be installed it in public places. To start with, the case for the water sensor i made is very bulky and the height of it's case is very big. Because of these two reasons, the water gets stuck in the water sensor resulting into microcontroller constantly incrementing value in the stream even though there is no running water, which is something we don't want

so if i can decrease the height so that the water sensor is just below the tap and also make the case very small then i believe i can solve this problem of water sticking onto the sensor.

Other modification i can do is install the water sensor in multiple taps and get the data of each taps separately.

Whom should i approach?

The issue with the ignorance and lack of communication whenit comes to leaking water from the tap, this device will be effective in public places, where there is constant use of water. So I'll start with approaching places like Bus statiuon, Railway station, schools, colleges, big companies and institutes, find if there is a problem of leaking water after over a period od time and whether they see this as a problem. If they do need a solution, i'll provide them by installing the device i made.

make it easy to install(plug and play

I have already made the device which is easy to install, like you do not need to make huge changes in the washbasin like replacing the tap and drill a lot of holes for installing the sensor and main board and there was not much of wiring too. I can still make some improvement by making the case for water sensor less bulky which would be hardly noticable. So in the end, you just need to install the water sensor onto the tap, install the ultrasonic sensor and the microcontroller case near the washbasin which again would be hardle noticable.

get funds

To make this project a big scale, i would require funds to purchase the components and fabricate the casings. I can approach some companies and investors or I can even get subsidy from the government for all the one who are willing to install the system into their premises.

protect the idea

To protect the idea from getting stolen or used without my permission i have taken a creative commerce licence by following this steps,

Go to the website of creative commerce:

then click on "Get started",

then click on "Chooser beta",

Then you'll need to answer a bunch of questions regarding the kind of licence you want to take for your final project.

I wamted people to give me proper attribution/credits who use my work so i selected this option,

i didn't want people to use my project for commercial use so i selected this option,

i didn't want people to remix, adapt or build upon my work so i selected this option,

confirm that CC licence is appropriate,

filled up details of my project. In the "Link to work" i pasted the link for my final project tab and in the "Link to creator profile" i pasted the link for my website and then click on "Done"

on the right side you can copy the rich text or HTML embed link of the licence. I copied the embed HTML link from under the "HTML" tab and pasted that link into my website,

here is how my Attribution, NonCommercial, NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence looks like,

Future possibilities

It would be great if installing this device for detecting the leaking/running water at every washbasin at the public place becomes a standard norm. To do that i can directly approach the contractors who builds washbasin in the public places so at the time of construction when the washbasin is being is being build, you'll get this device pre-installed.

My final project slide,

My final project video,