Welcome to FabLab UE

The digital Fabrication space in Universidad Europea

What are we doing for Fab Academy 2022?

Our Fab Academy 2022 Students

In 2022 FabLab UE became a node for FabAcademy. Two students started the cycle, very motivated and ready for the time of their lives. Check their repos to follow their journeys!

Where are we?

We are in the building C of the Villaviciosa Campus of Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Come with us for a FabLab Tour!.(COMING SOON)

What do we do?

We provide services to the students, in our place the students of Architecture, Engineering and Design degrees use the FabLab machines to complete the different tasks that the teachers ask them to do in the subjects.

  • CAD in Digital Fabrication consultancy
  • Laser and Vynil cutting
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Machining
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Fab Academy consultancy

With the help of technicians that are usually top grade students from the different degrees, we help creating some amazing projects.

Our University Students

Universidad Europea is one of the most important private universities in Spain and the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design has more than 1200 students in different degrees. They use the FabLab to do different projects.


Universidad Europea has the Degree in Architecture in Spanish and in English, and the MUA (Máster Universitario de Arquitectura), that includes digital as some of the content.

Some Architecture Projects.


Mechanical, Informatics and Aerospace Engineering students have full FabLab availability. The students use the facilities to create robots, cars and parts for the Formula SAE race car.

Some Engineering Projects.


In Universidad Europea there are three design itineraries: Product, Graphic and Interior desing. All three use the FabLab to make models and prototypes.

Some Design Projects.

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