Week 16 - Applications and Implications

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objectives >

What will it do? >

I had a couple of ideas initially for my final project ranging from modular climbing walls, to wearable assistants, but ultimately I converged on the following:

machines (operators) that pass objects (operands) (naming tbd).

Although I have a target application in mind, the special sauce of this project will be the capability of the machine group to pass objects between machines.

Given that I want to prove out the capability rather than the application, the constituent machines can have arbitrary capabilities and motion systems

For flex electronics, I’ve selected flexure motion systems for their low backlash (therefore higher resolution), with the drawback that they have low build volume. This is an acceptable drawback given that the target substrate isn’t too big to begin with.

Who has done what beforehand? >

What will you design? >

The target application is “reel-to-reel” flex electronics.

I’m still converging on a reasonable demo to showcase (spirals, I know), but I plan to build out a subset of the following sequence:

What materials and components will be used? >

How much will they cost? >

while prototyping, expecting to spend more than a final build would cost. however, expecting total BoM to be somewhere in the $100s at most (excluding end effectors), competitive w/ other popular FDM machines.

I think using flexures will be interesting, since a large part of that motion system can be fabricated rather than sourced as discrete components.

What parts and systems will be made? >

What processes will be used? >

I will be designing/modifying/extending the motion systems, frames, urumbu electronics, and software driving the system.

What questions need to be answered? >

process >

concepts >

How will it be evaluated? >

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