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Group Assignment – Molding and Casting - Querétaro

General objective (group assignment):


  • Review the safety data sheets for each of your molding and casting materials,
  • Make and compare test casts with each of them



Router CNC for carving A mold

Technical characteristics

  • 1220X2440X150mm
  • CNC routerSustractive
  • D=1/8”, FR=1500mm/min RPM=18000
  • Z7
  • AXYZ


Silicon cartridge

Caulking gun

Digital scale

First we gathered all of the supplies needed


Supplies for the polyester resin

Supplies for the epoxy moulding

Then the recipes

Fibrecen proportions

Smooth-on epoxy resin proportions

Smooth on silicon proportions




Smoot on mixed with color paste

24 hr curing time

Fibrecen polyester resin


2 hrs curing time



Epoxy resins Heat less than the polyester ones because the epoxys has slower curing times. And polyester resins shrinks about 3-5%


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