Computer Controlled Machining

Week Eight

In this week we are creating BIG design.

Goals of this week

Group assignment

  • • Test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for the machine.
  • • Document everything.
  • Individual project

  • • Make, design, mill and assemble big design.
  • Learning outcomes

  • • To production CNC you need to demonstrate 2D design development.
  • • Define workflows for CNC production.
  • The Machine I need to use in this week:

  • ShopBot CNC machine has 3 axis X-Y-Z and it allows you to cut different materials like wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals.
  • It can use to cut signs, furniture and sheds.
  • You can make an entire house with this machine.
  • You must learn how to operate it and how take extraordinary safety protections to protect from injures.
  • Designing:

  • I started by watching the seat tutorial to create the design in fusion.
  • With my design I start to work with the seat which is a top-down method for the design, then I start with the legs. Then I create the top and down curved part.
  • The design consists of 3 parts, the 2 legs and the seat.
  • I try to make the design with parametric. Moreover my design in two shape rectangle and circle.
  • The model real life size parametric as shown:

  • Then test design:
  • (pic)

    The final design looked like this:


    To use the Shopbot machine I need to test the design by using the laser cutter. I had a problem will I am using a hard wood material while it works perfectly by using cardboard. By adding 0.2 clearance the problem was solved.

    After assembling:


    First we will start with safety:

  • Before working with the CNC Shopbot precautionary measures must be taken.
  • There was a white line “Safe places” to stand while the machine is working.
  • In case you were inside the room you need to be in the right corner of the machine.
  • Also, you must be behind the glass door of the room.
  • You need to wear the personal protection equipment such as Lab coats, protective goggles, ear plugs and gloves were the basics.
  • The most important thing to know is the emergency buttons on machine.
  • clearance:

    The clearance I need to measure to work with the laser cutters machine. We created a design with slots that has 0.2 mm in width to discover which one would fit the best.

    Operating the machine:

  • I clicked on set job dimensions and origins under job operations.
  • set the material thickness to be 18mm.
  • I clicked on create fillets under edit objects
  • I chose dog bone fillets
  • I clicked on the toolpaths tab
  • selected the Profile toolpath. (to cut the inner parts of the design)
  • Check the add tabs box
  • set the tab length to 8mm and the tab thickness to 3mm(Adding tabs will protect the pieces from moving )
  • click on calculate
  • The outside profile selecting the outer profile of the design.
  • Select outside/left in the machine vectors section.
  • Select summery of all toolpaths ( estimated time for milling).
  • Save it
  • Preparing the CNC:

  • First the origin points for the milling have to be set.
  • Go to Shopbot Control Software.
  • Standardize the X,Y,Z values by the position keypad.
  • Select the position required.
  • Click on zero axes.
  • Adjusting the height or the Z value:

  • Click on the zero z button on the keypad.
  • Touch the milling bit with the metal bar.
  • It will flashes in the control keypad.
  • After the Z-Zero is running the milling bit touch the metal bar on the surface twice that will confirm the height of the sheet.
  • click on cut part button on the keypad.
  • click on the START button on the controller from outside of the room.
  • After milling process is done.
  • Time to remove the pieces.
  • We use the ventilation of the Shopbot to remove the wood shavings.
  • We start sanding by using sanding machine ,metal files and sanding paper.
  • The hardest part is to assemble the seat but with help of Mohammed I managed to get this seat assembled.
  • Final design look like this :


    Please find the attached files:
    Files Link
    Seat- Fusion 360
    Rectangle Seat - Fusion 360

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