Output devices

Week Twelve.

Output devices

Group assignment

  • Measure the power consumption of an output device
  • Document your work (in a group or individually)
  • Individual assignment

  • Add an output device to a microcontroller board you’ve designed and program it to do something
  • Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate workflows used in controlling an output device(s) with MCU board you have designed
  • Motion Sensor

  • I use PIR motion sensors I found it in the lab.
  • To know more about PIR sensors it allows you to sense motion.
  • it can use to detect a human has moved or animal moving around.
  • It has three pins:

  • connect ground to ground.
  • Connect VCC to VCC.
  • Then connect the output to a digital pin.
  • I used the picture below to connect the wires to the PIR sensor to the Arduino UNO as follows:

  • This PIR sensor detects a moving human or moving animal by infrared signals.
  • Then the outputs switching signals.
  • First we connect the input device to the board.
  • Then, I connected my Arduino UNO to my computer using a ATtiny44 and my ISP
  • I upload the code that I got from this page.
  • I launched the serial monitor.
  • I start to move my hand then the signals being detected.
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