Principles and Practices


The idea for my final project is to design and make an autonomous garment to teach, the individual who wear it, stretching or meditation exercises.

(I love to draw little diagrams and sketches to organize the storytelling about my ideas. It is a good point draw little concepts or words around the paper when you are blocking, and visualizing what do you want to do and communicate. I don´t know how to do it, the shape of the garment or every components that I could need, but... let see on the next episode 🤗 )

As I explained in my About, I am working with wearables since last year, focused on creating different experiences between individuals and society in pandemic times.

The goal of the garment is to program short sequences of meditation movements (yoga, tai chi, deep breathing ... I have not yet decided which one I want to work with) and the wearable would guide us and correct our body posture. I could get located sensor around the joint articulation of our body

The idea would be to locate a serie of sensors, connected to each other, at our joints body. The sensor would receive the body posture information throught an application, and then, would communicate the posture we should have with some speakers or vibration motors .

When the suit receive the information, and the individual would perform the pose, two things could happen:

  • If the posture is correct, the sensors will recognize the posture as correct with LEDs or sounds, and will communicate the next movement to perform with the same process.
  • If the posture is wrong, the sensors will send a negative response through the vibration motors or speakers, and the individual will have to do the pose again until the suit says it is well done.
  • If it works, the last output of the garment would be to activate a serie of heating pads in physically delicate areas of the body such as shoulders, lumbar or neck, to end the exercises.

    As Nuria (my instructor) has told me, it may be an ambitious project 😅. But it is a challenge that I would like to face and see what extent it is viable or not.

    So I have to organize myself well and work in spirals (week to week) to get there on time for the next six months. I hope to get it! 💪


    As part of this assigment, I have read the Fab Charter and signed the Student Agreement. One of the things that I have liked so much when I was reading The Fab Charter is the character of an educational community and international networking, where we all learn, teach and take care of each other 😊.

    The Fab lab is not a simple laboratory where designers manufacture. It is a space where knowledge is shared at different scales, bringing together people from different disciplines and places to create a very rich and varied family space.

    I am looking forward to getting started!...😍