About me

Hello! It's Maryam, 23 years old, from Bahrain, which is one of the smallest countries in the world. In the last five years, I have studied Electronics Engineering Technology in Bahrain Polytechnic. Have a look at my website to see my work !

Favourite Quote

There is a will, There is a way.

I believe in this quote because it matches with my values such as determination and believe in myself. It implies that if I want to do something, I can do it in spite of difficulties.

My background


I am passionate about art. I love sketching using charcoal pencils as well as in the recent times I tried digital sketching, which I it found awesome! In addition, I like to keep up with technology and to participate in improving digital production industry in my country and be a part of it. I am ambitious to be an inventor in the future and spread automation culture around me.

Previous work

Last year, I have submitted my graduation project and got the best industry project award. My project was "Remote Air Quality Monitoring System". It aims to create a remote air quality monitoring system for the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) in Bahrain. The designed system can measure four important air quality parameters in the company complex, which are temperature, atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide level, and oxygen level. It is a stand-alone system that programmed to operate and take measurements automatically once it is switched on. The operation system will measure, analyse, and send air parameters to a public shared channel on a cloud storage website continuously. Additional features were added to this project by allowing the system to be movable and controlled using LabVIEW data dashboard on iPad. The system can move in two modes, automatically by avoiding obstacles, or manually by the user control.