Individual Assignment: Tracking your progress:
what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
what has worked? what hasn't?
what questions need to be resolved?
what will happen when?
what have you learned?

Workflow of Assignment:

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Circuit diagram was made after lot of thinking about the final output. Various simulations were carried out considering different scenarios. This circuit was made considering the data which is supposed to be processed by the microcontroller. Accordingly, the input and output devices were selected. Sensors were selected considering the type of the data which should be measured.

The circuit board required for this was designed in EAGLE and milled on SRM 20. Soldering and testing process were done after the milling process.

Modifications in the pipeline was done and also for the proper fixing of the float sensor there was a need to design a 3d printed part (case) as the sensor could not be mounted directly.

What has worked? what hasn't?

At first, I thought the float sensor could be mounted directly into the system but in actual there was a problem in mounting. Hence the 3d printed case was designed and printed for the sensor.

It was the first time to work on ATMEGA 328P so there were lot of errors while burning the code into the IC. Although compiling was done successfully after installing all the required libraries.

Also, I found an error while testing the board. When thoroughly checked the programming pins were not soldered properly. Once again, the board was soldered properly for the troubleshooting.

What questions need to be resolved?

Technically How does a data is transmitted to the cloud using wifi is still not clear to me. Detailed study of this section is my next personal task.

What will happen when?

Water circulation pump is turned on after every 15mins for 2mins. The same water circulation pump’s functioning is monitored by the system designed by me. The system counts the ON-OFF duration in a day.

In a case where the motor doesn’t start for an hour, the system will detect the malfunction and the inbuilt buzzer Is triggered to draw the attention of the person nearby.

What have you learned?

The parameters which are needed to design any system or circuit board are well studied now. The algorithm related to wifi was a part of my system so learned how the data is processed. The circuit board which were designed earlier were easier but this board is a little bit complex and also big in size.

In this way I had all the project-based learnings.