The story of
a Caffeine-dependent life-form

My life goal is to make a positive contribution to my environment while having fun.
I'm always open for new friends and talkings with a cup of coffee or mate.
If you think that's interesting, keep reading.

Hello there, let me introduce myself a little bit…well…I’m a creative, hardworking and so clever (that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying) Paraguayan student of Industrial design with specialization in Graphic design at the School of Architecture, Design and Arts of the National University of Asuncion. I started working(:c) at the fablab of my university since last year.(that’s how I ended up here :D).

I'm doing the FAB ACADEMY 2019 at the Institute of TECSUP, Perú,through a scholarship provided by the Center of Investigation, Development and Innovation of my university with the promise to return to my country to help in the establishment of the first official node.
I love drawing, dancing, painting, arguing, creating and of course drinking coffee. After completing this course I will not only know about digital fabrication technology but also about economic administration and independent survival. AND I’LL GRADUATE ON MY BIRTHDAY YEEEEY.