Project Development

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Here are the tasks completed:
• Final project concept idea & refined, sketches made, brainstormed for features & components.
• 3D Model design of final project.
• Application for coffee maker
• Components all collected and tested.
• PCB Milled and solded.
• Program the PCB board.
• Print filter and containers
• Design the internal structure
• Adding everything inside of the coffee machine.
• Creating slide for final presentation.
• Editing video for final presentation.

What has worked? And what has not?

Most of the parts of the project worked well, except for one spot:
• At first I planned the coffee maker to be about 24cm in high, but I had to upscaled quite a bit because the internal structure doesn’t fit in. Therefore, I had to upscale the entire model, which of course also meant remake the whole body again using laser cutting.

What questions still need to be resolved?

Will I finish this in time? Will the structure support heat?

what will happen when?

I will deliver a great final project presentation and have a new coffee maker.

What have you learned?

During the academy experience I develop a workflow that let me managed my time and arrived until this point with no major problems and also tested my personal limitations, but I highly recommend for future academies that each week since the first one, students and instructors have a weekly meeting to see how their evolving and to clear, control and help the students to make sure they arrive at final weeks.

Making slide & presentation

This week we need to prepare the slide and the video for the next final project presentation. For my slide I used Adobe Photoshop and for my Premiere Pro video editor

Fab Academy 2019- Final Project from Silvia Lugo on Vimeo.