Fab Academy 2019 - Lucas Lim
About me

Lucas Lim

About me

My background is in Construction Management, IT as well as Workplace Safety and Health.

I am employed as a Technical Executive (TE) and managing a carpentry workshop known as the "Project Lab" in the School of Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE) of Singapore Polytechnic. I am also appointed as the Safety Officer in the School of ABE.

Project Lab
Project Lab

Located next to my Project Lab is our school fab lab known as "fabSTUDIO" and I have been supporting our school fab lab in assisting the students with the usage of the laser cutters and 3D printers.


I am sponsored by my employer for the Fab Academy Course.
Singapore Polytechnic           Singapore Polytechnic


I stay in Singapore, which is a small island country located in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a beautiful garden city and well known overseas for the Singapore Grand Prix which takes place on the Marina Bay Street Circuit and is the first night-time event in Formula One history and first street circuit in Asia for F1 races.

    Singapore Marina Bay

Academic Education

I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management and Economics), from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia.

I completed a Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health, and is currently a Registered Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO) in Singapore as well as appointed as a Safety Officer in the Sch. of ABE. I am a certied trainer (holding an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)).

Other Academic Education include : Advanced Diploma in Information Technology, Microsoft Certified System Enginner(MCSE), MCSA, MCDST, CCNA, etc.

Digital Fabrication Exprience

Over the past three years, I had attended 3D Printing and Model Making course as well as other in-house Fab Lab workshops like Fab Lab Safety, etc

As a building graduate, I am familiar with 2D drawing and drafting software (like AutoCAD) as well as 3D Drafting software (like Autodesk Revit). I am familiar with operating the 3D Printers and laser cutter machine in our school Fab Lab.

However, I am very new to electronics. I am the one and only student taking the Fab Academy course this year from Singapore.

Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic

Fab Lab Singapore

As Singapore Polytechnic is an institute of higher learning offering a range of full-time Diploma courses, Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic has a number of satellite Fab Labs located throughout the school campus and offer a board range of equipment for digital fabrication, example 3D Printer, laser cutter, CNC milling machine, Vinyl Cutter, soldering station, among other equipment and hand tools.

I am mentored by instructors, Mr Steven Chew and Mr Rodney Dorville, from Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic.

Fab Lab Singapore
One of the Fab Labs in SP
Fab Lab @ T1442, this is where I spend most of my time, and did my PCB fabrication, soldering, 3D printing, Vinyl cutting, etc

Why I join the Fab Academy course and my aspiration

I am supporting our School fabSTUDIO, assisting the students with the usage of the laser cutter machines, 3D printers, plotting machine, etc. Therefore it would be useful for me to take up the Fab Academy course to learn more about Digital Fabrication.

As a certified trainer myself, I hope that after completing this course, I can contribute back to the organisation by helping to conduct Fab Lab Safety Briefing, basic 3D printing, laser cutting, 2D/3D Design, etc. for the staff and students in the School of ABE. I also hope to offer my assistance to the final year students of the various diploma courses if they need any help with building their own electronic sensor devices.

Fab Academy Student Agreement :

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