💡 During this week I found great way to share my terminal output, simple and lightweight – ASCII Cinema project, which I highly recommend! All terminal snippets made with 💚

First of all I need to get toolchain for MacOS. I found it here: https://github.com/osx-cross/homebrew-avr

IMPORTANT NOTE: Popular toolchain Crosspack does not work anymore on newest MacOS Catalina, because it’s 32-bit

Also I was needed to update Arduino to 1.8.10, because of MacOS Catalina stop supporting 32bit applications at all

All I need to do is brew tap osx-cross/avr and then brew install avr-gcc

Also avrdude brew install avrdude

For first version I use AVRISP MKII programmer from https://www.olimex.com Installing for MacOS is not so trivial, I spent a lot of time brew install dfu-programmer

compile code for blinking

Links and references: https://electronut.in/getting-started-with-attiny85-avr-programming/ https://blog.podkalicki.com/how-to-compile-and-burn-the-code-to-avr-chip-on-linuxmacosxwindows/ https://www.meoworkshop.org/how-to-avr-with-osx/