Week1 project management Sky Seeders a ProdActive Landscapes project


ProdActive Landscapes project was born in Valldaura Laboratories, (Green Fab Lab) proposed for the service of local community and landscapes designer, who wants to integrate renewable energy, and food production in landscape design, gardens, urban wasted areas. In order to introduce local energy production in that existing high density neighbourhood where power demand is non reachable just by ordinary rooftop PV systems technologies. The whole project purpose an integrated approach to existing technologies for agriculture, herbal purification, water collection, biomass production, and PV energy production, looking for the way to optimize the land surface in order to respect sustainability issues.

ProdActive Landscapes is composed from 2 parallel project. The first Pick the Ground is a parametric model of territorial productive potential assessment that,looking for a more resilient city, wants to be an instrument of conscious landscape design in order to create a system of re-signified diffuse green urban areas producing food and energy. The second project is called Seed the Sky and is a Fab-able module for urban agriculture, integrating a DIY environmental analysis sensor kit, acting as data bridge from the local food production to a web platform of smart gardeners community.

The sky-seed's agricultural module, can be adapted to be used in an urban garden as well as roof top, bringing back to the the existing modern buildings that complexity we were starting from, in order to create a new landscape, closer to the sky in figurative meaning to, for his data bridge acting as feed back to verify the Pick the Ground project and go on feeding the smat gardeners community for whom everything is optimized.



Seed the sky want to be a productive landscape's supporting system integrating different technologies to re-create the natural circular relationship between water supplies , agriculture, and energy production. In order to make affordable such complexity the system will be divided in 3 different join-able modules having different function but similar composition: the water module, the food module, and the biomass module.

Parallel Development

Each module will be developed along 3 different lines:
1_Structural Design optimized on the environmental analysis by using parametric model, based on few linear wooden elements, customize 3d printable joints and mold-able bricks.
2_Sensor Design to develop a feedback from the parametric design based on statistic data and the reality.
3_Community Design that mean look for the way to use the previous 2 point to rebuild the relationship between community al landscape at different scales.

Spiral Progression

The design process will start developing one of those modules integrating just one “easier” humidity sensor. Than it will grow on developing a second module and studying the integration between them etcetera . Until reach a system of different smaller modules with growing complexity.

From SkySeeders to GreenBriks

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