Théo Lepage-Richer

Fab Academy / Digital Fabrication 2015

“If technology is the answer, what was the question?” Cedric Price

Hi there,

My name is Théo Lepage-Richer and I am a researcher/conceptor interested in imagining alternative pathways for the development of science and technology. I have been working for the last few years for/with different creative and artistic institutions including the new media art laborator LUSTlab, the Hyperbody department at TU Delft, and the Montreal-based communication agency Sid Lee, to then pursue and be awarded a Master of Arts magna cum laude from Goldsmiths, University of London for my thesis “Designing Viruses: A Viral Genealogy of the Regulation of Life”. I am currently based in Barcelona to follow the MIT’s Fab Academy/Digital Fabrication program.

My motivation in following this program was to develop a first-hand experience with the most recent methods of digital fabrication as well as familiarize myself with the discourses associated with them before starting a PhD in the year(s) to come. I am convinced that engaging with my objects of study at a formal, technical level will allow me to develop precious insights for my work and I am looking forward to discover what kinds of background the field of digital fabrication has been able to bring together.

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