Walters' road to FabAcademy 2015 Course

This course is a interactive Fabrication Program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT's Center For Bits and Atoms and based on MIT's rapid prototyping course, MAS 863 How to Make (Almost) Anything.

About Me

I have always been fascinated with making things. However I must admit my practical are not of the highest quality as a mechanical engineer. I believe I have a practical mind having both dad as a carpenter and a brother who loves making anything that comes into his mind My background is on Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I work at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. Currently, I am taking care of a Solar Photovoltaic lab thoroughly involved with the Sunlight. I have attended some equipment training in SP Fab Lab - the laser cutter , 3D printers and PCB milling. But due to my work commitments, I hardly got time to make full use of what I have learned. Now, an opportunity is given to me to change in my career path and to discover my creativity. i hope in this 5.5 months, I can build up real skills in digital-making and learn as much as possible about FabLab (its philosophy, methodology) and other alternative education technologies.

Final Project

I would like to build a robot vaccum cleaner in my final project. Technology that using are laser cutting , 3D printing. it will be controlled by an arduino board. Components will be motor gear for the wheels, a pc fan to act as an suction and motor driver....etc