Table Top Textile Wrapping Machine

A digital designed, fabricated and operated table top machine which can make soft wrappings. Materials made with this machine can be applied for soft textile lighting devices (fashionable, wearable lighting).

About Me

Koen van Os, Senior Scientist at Philips Research The Netherlands. Exploring the field of textiles and LED lighting.

My lab

The Waag FabLab Amsterdam.

Final Project

Inspired by the beauty of industrial composite wrapping, I've tried to copy this machine into a table top version for making soft structures. These fabric wraps are nice to look and feel and can have excellent properties for (wearable) light applications. Many technologies as learned in the FabLab academy are applied by me for the first time in this project. For example the full machine is 3D printed. All parts click together.

Left: The wrapping machine, right an example of wrapped material.'