Week 15 - Applications and Implications

Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered.

Final Project

I am building a déployé dome made by plastic 3D printed hinges that will allow the movement of the entire system by using six servo motors.


One sector of the Déployé Dome made by 3D printed hinges


What will it do?

The déployé dome will lift up according to the intensity of the light.

Who´s done what forehand?

Maybe someone had designed a similar geometry before, but not the control of their movement as far as I am concerned.

What materials and components will be required?

· 1 Fabduino board

· 1 light sensor

· 6 servos

· cables to conect the pins of the entire circuit

· at least 1 FTDI cable to read the sensor

· bateries

· an acrilyc structure to hold servos and move the entire dome

· a heavy milled MDF base where place the rails for the structure

· 240 3D printed bars

· 120 3D printed hinges

· 240 plastic bolts

· a heavy MDF base where place the rails for the structure

· a protoboard for the first testing

· a program that controles the electronic system

Where will he come from?

The structure will be made by laser cutting acrylic.

The déployé dome pieces will be made by 3D printed PLA.

The base will be made by milled MDF.

The servos and the bateries will be buy.

The boards are already made by myself during the Fab Academy course.

The cables are reused from Fab Lab León.

How much it will cost?

Around 120€ (the servos were the most expensive).

What parts and systems will be made?

The hinged pieces, the structure, the base and the electronic will be made by myself and the rest will be bought.

What processes will be used?

3D printing (the hinges), laser cutting (the structure), CNC milling (the boards), soldering (the circuits) and programming (the movement).

What tasks need to be completed?

I had to start 3D printing hundreds of pieces far in advance, while producing the electronic boards and the last will be designing the structure and the base in order to fit it with according to the entire pieces of the dome.

What questions need to be answered?

First of all I decided to start only with a sector from the six that componed the entire dome, in order to control the movement of only one servo and its programming code.

What is the schedule?

1º 3D print pieces

2º electronics production

3º structure design

4º control the movement of the structure alone without the dome, only with servos to prevent breakage of the pieces

5º assembly of the structure and the hinges dome

6º playing with light

How will it be evaluated?

If I got the entire goal I will be happy but, as far as my knowledge in electronics and programming are, for me it would be an achievement that at least the dome get up and come down even without the control of light intensity.


Presentation of the actual state of the Final Project process.



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