Plan and document a final project that integrates the range of units covered: what will it do? who’s done what beforehand? what materials and components will be required? where will they come from? how much will it cost? what parts and systems will be made? what processes will be used? what tasks need to be completed? what questions need to be answered? what is the schedule? how will it be evaluated? projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of all of the skills where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project

What I did

I answered to the above questions and I make a first prototype of the smart insole.

What will it do?

This smart insole will measure and visualize the pressure of the feet, to correct walking abnormalities or to monitorate the correct posture. I will create a smartphone application that wirelessly tracks data from the insole and provides a variety of instantaneous feedback. Users or physical therapists can choose from visual, audio or sensory feedback.

The insole should:

measure the pressure of the feet
interact through light (optional)
interact through sound (optional)

Who’s done what beforehand?

I found a lot of commercial project about smart insole that also implement electronic interactions and web application too. All projects references to a tipology of shoes like sneakers and not for high heel.

There’s a kikstarter project: “Digitsole” , Digitsole is a connected insole on the market controlled via your smartphone - warm your feet, track your distance and calories ( Thermacell is a battery-powered heated insoles (–i-THRHS1S) Another project was developed by the Utah University : Rapid Rehab system, will eventually help correct walking problems for people with artificial legs, hip replacements and broken legs.

What materials and components will be required?

silicon for the insole
wood panel for the mold
plastic filament and/resin for the shoe test (extra-insole)

Electronic, most important components:

analog pressure sensor textile kit (velostat and conductive fabric)
wifii module
8Ohm Speaker (optional)
and then: resistors, capacitors, connectors.

Where will they come from?

The heart of the sensor is the textile sensor, that is composed from two parts: velostat and conductive fabric, These materials come from Plug and wear, a company expertise in textile and textile machinery and now in electronic textile.All products are designed and manifactured in Florence(Italy). About the electronics most of the device are available at FabLab and I got the rest from online shopping.

How much will it cost?

The most expensive part is the silicon (about 20-30 euro) and about another 8 euro for a wood panel. Between the electronic components the less chipper is the press sensor textile kit about 12 euro. I think another 10 euro to produce the board with ehe wifii module. it’s not easy to evaluate the real cost, but I think that his total cost is about 50 euro.

What parts and systems will be made?

I’m going to make the mold of the insole with the pressure sensor inside. I ‘ll design the board with the wifii module to receive the sensor data in real time. This board ‘ll be werable and content in a 3d printed case with a special clip to connect to the shoe.To visualize de data I thinked to write an application web.

smart insole
wearable board + case
web application
speaker(last step)

What processes will be used?

For the sole parts and shoes:

3d scanning 
computer controlled cutting
molding and casting
3d printing 

For the electronics boards and connections:

computer controlled machining
Roland Modela mdx-15 milling

For the interface:

input device
embedded programming
interface and application programming

What tasks need to be completed?

optimize electronic design
optimize insole design (parametric)
testing the board with the textile sensor  
write an application web
realize it

What questions need to be answered?

How can I visualize the pressure of the feet?

What is the schedule?

I spent the last two weeks making the pressure sensor, preparing the mold for the insole(feet scanning) and testing it with the board. I have to finish my test with the sensor and I will be ready to programming the application for testing the insole.

How will it be evaluated?

I hope, well.