A passion for anything that can be designed and made

My helpful..screenshot

Since I was a kid I have always drawn on any surface, particulary on newspaper, because the paper was not white and clean..but full of letters printed. The same paper I reused for making little small boats, hats and figures or prepare the sets for my toys..

In anycase I’m an interaction designer,with a background of archirecture too. Actually I live in the nice city of Cagliari(Sardinia). In the last year I coordinated the first FabLab of Sardinia: Sardegna Ricerche fabLab. In my past I lived in Spain, in teh city of Madrid, where I coordinated the experimental group of advanced visualization, VLAB4D, in the Medialab-Prado Centre for Digital Culture of the city of Madrid (Spain) in the years 2010-2012. Also I created the M-Artech Platform, Women in Art, Science and technology.

I hold a PhD in Art, Production and Research from Polytechnic University in Valencia (Spain). My Doctoral research was in Video hologram as an artistic practice. An experimental proposal in 3d visualization.

My research interests included artistic physical aspects of 3D visualization (videohologram), optical effects, and stereoscopic vision. My current interests lie in the area of human-computer interfaces as biosensor for performer and enhancing human communication and aesthetic expression. I also applied the results of this research in my more personal works of media art and another works by digital fabrication.