Name: Ing. H.Hoogcarspel

Fab Academy Amsterdam at the Waag Society

Course period: from february till july 2015


Profession: Lecturer Information Technology at the Amsterdam Institute for Applied Sciences

Hi! I am Henk, Welcome on my Homepage


Some words about my professional career


In 1985 I graduated in electronics at the Hogeschool Alkmaar and I started working in the field of project engineering.


In 1989 I made a career switch to education and got a job as a instructor in electronics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)


In 1997 I moved from education in electronics to information technology and I became a lecturer in this upcoming field.

In information technology I became an expert in System and Network engineering


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In 2015  After summerbreak I will educate students in upcoming techniques like 3D printing, 3D scanning and a lot more exciting stuff, therefore this spring I will first skill myself in the techniques and devices.


That is why I started participating in this five months' course at the FabAcademy


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