Applications and Implications

Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered.

What will it do?

I will make a binary wristwatch, it is a single purpose device that tells time and is designed in modules for personalization. The exchangeable parts are> top cover (glass), electronics, body/case and strap.

Who's done what beforehand?

In Elliot Williams book, Make: AVR Programming, is a project on making a Servo Sundial. Hopefully I can use some of his code as a starting point.

There are some binary wristwatches out there but non which use a display system that I prefer.

What materials and components will be required?

Where will they come from?

Most of the electronics will come from the beach labs inventory. The parts missing are the battery and electronics for recharging and will be ordered from

Leather and wood will be bought locally in respective stores.

Casting material and filament for the 3D printer is also in the labs inventory

How much will it cost?

Rough estimate including material for tooling: $45

What parts and systems will be made?

I will make the whole system and end up with a working wrist watch.

  • Cover surface.
  • Circuit board with step response buttons and Charlieplexing.
  • Case.
  • Strap.
  • What processes will be used?

  • Project management
  • 3D Scanning (for getting a perfect fit for my wrist.)
  • 3D Cad design
  • Molding a and casting (for the case that will hold the PCB.)
  • Mill a wood cover or 3D print a transparent cover glass
  • Electronics input: Step response buttons
  • Electronics output: Charlieplexing 20 LED.
  • Laser cutting leather or 3D printing the strap.
  • Vinyl cut a light mask.(maybe)
  • Interface application: a APP that can set the time.
  • What tasks need to be completed?

    Project management

  • Define projects (What is key? Cost,time or Quality?)
  • List all the tasks with time estimations.
  • Add up time and cost (Start with a post-it note chart and find the longest task)
  • Tests

  • Test print transparent material
  • How thin should I mill the wood for the LED to shine through?
  • Test print on flexible material, or a living hinge for strap
  • Production

  • Design the in a cad program
  • Top cover 3D printed or milled in wood
  • Laser cut leather strap or print on flexible substrate
  • Mill a 2 sided mold for case
  • Cast the mold
  • Cast final part
  • Electronic production of Charlieplexing LED, step response button
  • Programming.
  • Create interface application.
  • What questions need to be answered?

  • I need some low powered bright LED.
  • How does recharging a battery work?
  • Solving the geometric puzzle of charlieplexing 24 LED
  • How do I program time?
  • How do I set time?
  • Can I store time when power is off?
  • How can I interface with the watch from a desktop application?
  • What is the schedule?

    Deadline 10 of June

    How will it be evaluated?

  • A working comfortable wristwatch that will tell accurate time for 24h.
  • The ability to manually set and store time.
  • Comfortable lock mechanism that holds the watch in place.
  • Bonus: Set/reset time from an APP on computer.

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