Who am I.

My background is in film, puppet animation and games, where my main focus is character animations and level design. For the last 12 years I have been working for various game companies in Scandinavia. I'm currently in between jobs and I'm taking this opportunity to move my career towards digital production and Fab labs.

As long as I can remember I have built stuff. Starting in kinder garden, the work bench was my favorite spot, rapidly producing very similar looking boats. As I grew older boats got replaced with model air planes and tree houses, and reaching adulthood that got replaced by animation puppets and armatures. When the computer animation took over the animation industry in the beginning of 2000 I transformed with it to the digital age leaving the physical building world behind.

After many years in the game industry I felt drained for inspiration and creative joy. Luckily I bumped in to Fab labs and rediscovered my passion for building and creating physical things. And what was more inspiring was reading the Fab Charter, here was a document that more or less was identical to my personal value set.


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