Final project proposal

Flow e-Board.

"Longboarding for us that realized we are mortal"


Lateral acceleration makes us feel good. The neurological explanation for this is that acceleration stimulates a set of receptors in the inner ear that connects us with the center of the earth by gravity. A pieces of calcium sits on a membrane so that any change in the relative position of gravity will make this stones roll and there fore there will be some indication that the body is moving relative to the center of the earth.

So if we keep a continues feeling of accelerations, even though very small it creates a state of happiness and puts you in the "zone".

My goal is to make a device that through movement, acceleration and balance will triggering a state of flow and happiness.

The main focus of this project would be to see if I can build a whole board,from ground up, in a lab. This includes the deck, the wheels, bearings, trucks and bushings.


Build a drop down, partly battery driven long board, that are controlled by weight transfer.

Features include:
  • Weight controled acceleration, lean forward to accelerate, lean backwards to break.
  • Automatic break, When jumping of the boards breaks automatically.
  • Slip preventer feature
  • Personal lock mechanism
  • GPS for data tracking and ride information.
  • Cut out handle for easy carrying
  • There might be a stick involved
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