About Me

Hi folks! I'm Giacomo Falaschi, I'm a 32 year-old Tuscan guy, based in a very small town called Contea where, with some friends I funded a FabLab, perhaps the smallest one of Italy.I have always been interested in sports, such as snowboarding, kayaking, enduro and downhill. I first got in touch with digital fabrication through the RepRap world, several years ago. Since then I have been experiencing various types of 3d printing and experimenting with different kinds of machines ad materials.

While doing this, I realized the importance of a collaboration between different knowledges and people: that's what brought me to fund a FabLab in my small town. Knowing that 3d printing is only one of the infinite possibilities to "create almost anything" I am here at the Fab Academy to improve my basic skills and learn lots of new things. Being familiar with mechanic movement, I look forward to make this knowledge interact with some less known (for me) areas, such as electronics and software design.

Thanks to my job I had the chance to live for 7 years with the guy who introduced me to the digital fabrication,
Giuseppe Porsia (1984-2013).

Also for not letting his memory and the projects we were thinking about together fade away, I decided to pursuit my experience in this area.