We are back in port. The crossing was arduous; we are all drained and exhausted.

However, this empty space is now contains enormous satisfaction. We have sailed on unknown oceans and experimented new routes. We learned to laugh about our shortfalls and celebrate our successes together, and remain united and compact during the storms.

If this had not happened, we would never have managed to complete our journey.

The greatest thanks go to the CREW of distinguished men who gave of their own time, their skills and their energy for others. Without them, for each one of us and especialy for me, the success of this adventure would have been DOOMED.

I would therefore like to thanks each one personally and recognize their invaluable contribution to this adventure:

-->ENRICO “SEEDS & CAFFEINE” BASSI – Director of Opendot Fab Lab – Incomparable for his foresight, competence, readiness to help and patience: THE LIGHTHOUSE PROTECTING OUR JOURNEY.

-->SIMONE “Zimo The Boax” BOASSO - The reference point for everything related to our questions on Electronic Design, circuits and…… madness!! THE POWERFUL FREE ELECTRON

-->MATTIA “The BIG Kid” CIURMELLI - My little brother (just like all of the others ☺) but he was the youngest on the course (and also the tallest and the largest), an enormous and generous warrior, always, always, always ready to share, collaborate and discuss. THE METRONOME

-->DANIELE “Sudo Avoid Satshakit Master Developer” INGRASSIA - Code and programming chief - Multilanguage - Multisupport - 24h on-line – Gifted with supernatural powers – THE INDISPENSABLE KILLER

-->GIANLUCA “Mr Wolf” PUGLIESE - 3D Print Master – Impressive power off fire. Every time he stayed for a week in the Lab he was able to accelerate, optimize and improve the work being done by EVERYONE. THE MAN WITH 7 ARMS AXIS

-->SAVERIO SILLI “The Guardian Angle” – The elegance of taste and style at the service of the technique. The humanist sould of the group. A man who could save me from a fall into a Black Hole – THE ALCHEMIST 2.0

Special thanks for the support, the collaboration and the willing assistance go to FabLab that housed this 1st edition of the Fab Academy in Milan: OPENDOT FAB LAB represented by :

ALESSANDRO “ Modified Satshakit Inside” MASSERDOTTI – President of Opendot Lab and attentive, supportive supervisor of the Opendot Fab Academy 2015 Class -

NIK – “ No Problem man, only good solutions” BUCCIOLI – Responsible for the Opendot Lab – Illustrious member of our class – An added value for each one of us.

VITTORIO – “ The Matrix “ CUCULO – A young brain but Senior Software Developer

GIOVANNA “ The Rock Flower “ GHIRARDI – The feminine soul of the group - Organization – Facilities - Furniture - and every type of issue –

MARIA “ The younger Maker in Italy” DELLAMOTTA - for her smiles and the joy of living she shows us each and every day – just like a happy child can do.

And last but not least, I would like to thank our tutor MASSIMO “The Max” MENICHINELLI for having accompanied us on this long journey, and for having given us this incredible video that illustrates our navigation in all of its splendor.





/// Intreasting and to do later projects ///

--> LightScythe V2 // For long exposure photos art
--> SMART CITIZEN : Open source technology for citizens' political participation in smarter cities

/// Useful links for Motor Stepper Control ///

--> The Big Easy Stepper Motor Driver + Arduino
--> S20STH30-0604A Stepper Motor Data Sheet
--> Driving a $0.40 Stepper With Arduino
--> Stepper Motor Drivers

/// Photo and Video Camera // ///

--> CMUcam5 Pixy
--> HackHD camera PCB
--> working i2c pi4j code for Pixy
--> Digital Camera Sensors: Tutorials and Resources

/// Lidar Lite Sensor ///

--> Lidar Lite distance measurement and creating point cloud...
--> 360 Degree LIDAR-Lite Scanner
--> Home Page - Laser Distance Measurement -

/// Coding ///

--> WXPyton
--> How do I install wxPython on Mac OS X?
--> Processing Buttons and Sliders

/// Useful links for 360° Video Streaming ///

--> Video Stitch soft
--> 360° Video experience web site
--> open source soft for Bloggie
--> Python Live Video Streaming Example
--> BOOK !! Digital Representation of the Real World: How to Capture, Model, and Render Visual Reality
--> What do I need to do to stream two USB webcams with my Raspberry Pi B+
--> RPi_USB_Webcams