The Photogrammetric Fab Scanner is composed of three parts. It consists of hardware, software, and the design process for building the structure and the rail. The project and all the additional files will be available online through my Fab Academy website and will be available to the public to download and develop further as desired. The Photogrammetric Fab Scanner may be reproduced, modified, distributed, performed, and displayed for any purpose, but the "project name" and the name of the "author" must be acknowledged.

- No warranty is provided and users accept all liability -


In reality, I have never really thought about a dissemination plan and the future of this project. For me it's simply an exercise. I understand that the plan to disseminate is important for growing the project. If I imagine the future of this project, I just hope that someone, in some other Fab Lab in the world, can use this job as a starting platform. Then develop and improve it.
Maybe it is possible to imagine that this scanner will be useful for commercial proposes. But it's not in my nature to think in business terms. At the time of writing, I cannot think along the lines of commercial development: of course, I will share the link to the web site of the my Fab Academy page on social networks. But I'm interested in sharing the idea not making money with it. If someone makes money with the Photogrammetric Fab Scanner, I will congratulate him as a genius of marketing.