[This tutorial is outdated, a newer version can be found in the 2016 class archive]


Yet another fabable ISP (In System Programmer), this time based on the FabTinyStar board, which was specificly designed to be made in a FabLab.

It includes a few extra features such as a target power led and switch, a reset button and a led on the SCK line to indicate communication in progress.

The original documentation (downloads too) can be found at: http://fabacademy.org/archives/2015/doc/projects/FabTinyStar/index.html

In this guide we'll be using the 5V version 0.3 (Bas).


Unfortunately this documentation isn't as polished as I want yet, but all the information you need to make one yourself should be here.


Some stuff you're going to need...

The vusbtiny-fabtinystar.zip already has the modifications made to it and includes a precompiled binary firmware for convenience. With this you can skip the step "obtaining the firmware" in the "programming" chapter.

Alternatively you can download the original sources with a fresh copy of the vusb driver and build them yourself as described in the "programming" chapter.


This project uses/is based on/inspired by the work of numerous people, including:

MISO (Brown)     1     2     (Red) Vcc
SCK (Orange)     3     4     (Yellow) MOSI
Reset (Green)     5     6     (Blue) Ground
USB D+ (Purple)     7     8     (Gray) USB D-
Wire Color ISP Digital Analog Serial I2C 1Wire Chip
1 Brown MISO D1* - TxD - - 6
2 Red Vcc Power 8
3 Orange SCK D2  A1 RxD SCL Data 7 LED
4 Yellow MOSI D0* - - SDA - 5
5 Green RESET D5  A0 - - - 1 Button
6 Blue Ground Common 4
7 Gray N/C D4* A2 - - - 3
8 Purple N/C D3  A3 - - - 2

Last modified: 2017.02.14