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- Week 10: Input Devices -

Weekly Assignment

1: Testing input devices

As start of this week, I tested below sensors with “Arduino UNO”.

  1. Digital ultrasonic distance sensor
  2. Digital motion sensor
  3. Analog ambient sensor
  4. Analog Grayscale sensor

  • Digital ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Digital motion sensor
  • Analog ambient light sensor
  • Analog Grayscale sensor
  • 2: Making circuit

    I decided to make temperature sensor. I downloaded the “traces” and “interior” from “this week page of Fab Academy.”

    I tried to make circuit by laser. Therefor, I converted these data to vector data by "Illustrator".

    I use “Trotec Speedy 100 flexx(CO2>60W Fiber>30W)” I rectify the parameters.

    Parameters: 1000dpi
    Processing Laser type Power Speed Path
    Pattern engraving Fiber laser(30W) 85% 5% 2 times
    Outline cut CO2 laser(60W) 65% 2% 4 times

    I used a paper phenol board. It exfoliate by irradiating high power laser. Therefor I tried test cut many times.

    3: Soldering the parts

    4: Setup the board

    I set up the “Hello temp board” in reference to “Kazutoshi tsuda’s Fab academy page.”

    I downloaded “hello.temp.45.c”,“makefile” and “hello.temp.45.py” from “this week page of Fab academy.”
    I also downloaded and installed the CrossPack for AVR development, because I use AVRISP mk2.

    I open new project in Xcode and save the project. I moved the "Makefile" file and "main.c" file to the "firmware" folder in “projectx.xcodeproj.” (In this example, I rename from "Makerfile" to "hello.temp.45.make", from "main.c" to "hello.temp.45.c", respectively.)

    After connect the “Hello temp board” and “AVRISP mk2”, I opened Terminal, moved to the "firmware" directory, and type:

    				$ make -f hello.temp.45.make program-avrisp2

    After then, I check the port in "firmware" directory.

    					$ ls /dev/tty.*

    I got a list of all of my serial ports, and picked the “usbserial-A4001CMh” that I would like to open.

    5: Running python script

    I use “Python 2.7.6” I install some modules for using Python script. At the onset, I installed “pip.”

    					$ sudo easy_install pip

    After then, I installed “Pyserial” which encapsulate the access for the serial port.

    				$ sudo pip install pyserial

    6: Measuring temperature

    I moved to the directory which has been placed “hello.temp.45.py”, and type:

    					$ python hello.temp.45.py /dev/tty.usbserial-A4001CMh