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- Week 02: computer-aided design -

Weekly Assignment

Project proposal

I want to make the “streaming data driven machine," but I have not decided the processing method yet. I think of situation when a "streaming data machine" used.
I and several members of FabLab Kitakagaya had experimental activities with digital fabrication machines. Those activities were held at a few areas in Japan in the last year. One is the cuntory area in Yamaguchi prefecture, and another is Shodo-shima island inside the Seto Inland Sea.
In each area, we tried to solve a ploblem. We utilize local resources as a means to solve the ploblem, for example, bamboos in Yamaguchi. It was very exciting for me.

Photo: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media "Media Art Kichin Yamaguchi"
Photo: FabLab Kitakagaya "FabLab Kitakagya Blog"

I propose a movable machine, because I will find unique resource by migrating.
We arranged the mobile FabLab modified by a bus in Yamaguchi, however I have no money, so I will use a bicycle.
I designed a carrier by “Rhinoceros 5.0.”

I used those pictures as reference for the carrier.

From: Tome city offfice Wed page "登米市/街頭紙芝居資料"
From: Museum of Ehime Hystory and Culture / Photo: Keiichiro Inoue "学芸員ブログ『研究室から』"

Those pictures were taken at 1950’s in Japan. The men played picture story show that we call “kamishibai.”
A picture story showmen gathered children around them. They earn to sell cheep sweets.
I am inspired by this system. I decided to develop a machine that can output foods.

There were interesting sweets when I was a child. It is called “NaruNaru Gumi no mi (なるなるグミの実).”
A child needs to grow the sweet by herself. The final shape becomes unipue.

I think that this making method is interesting.
I looked for this product so as to experiment, but this product has been discontinued.
Therefor I imtate this product based on the video clip.

Plan drawing

make guide lines


make curve



make curve>BooleanDifference

make curve

trim curve


rotate copy

make curve>loft>ExtrudeCrv

make curve>Revolve

For final project

2D images

I drew on a paper. After scanning, I painted coler with "phtoshop".

3D image

I made by "Rhinoceros"

D3 mesh model(25.5MB)