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- Week 01: principles and practices, project management -

Weekly Assignment

Building my page

At first I tried to install "Mercurial" and "TortoiseHg".
Setting Mercurial was not hard while reeding at tutorial. Similarly, installing TortoiseHg was easy. But I got into lapse of connecting server by SSH.
As my local network dose not allow ssh connection except for port 23. Now, I can connect to the server using SOCKS proxy. I spent about 3 days until I notice it.
I managed tasks smoothly after then.

I was going to be taught that making my site by my friend. I allocated contents by "Adobe Dreammeaver", and arranged HTML and CSS by "Sublime Text". I used for image processing by "Adobe Photoshop".
It’s good reference site for Japanese. ”HTMLリファレンス”, ”とほほのスタイルシート入門”
I want to continue custom my site, because It was interesting for me.

Project proposal

For my final project, I want to make a “streaming data driven fabrication machine”.
Currently, all the fabrication machines need complete modeling data. I call this type of fabrication machine as “download data driven machine.”
Instead of this type of machine, I propose the “streaming data driven machine”.
The streaming data driven machine makes an output model with getting data generated by user behavior at that time. The streaming data driven machine can physicalize your performance.
If you sing in front of the machine, the machine reflects it on the output model.
Not only singing, but also the following performance can be accepted.