Machine Design Assignment

This is the documentation of "Machine Design" assignment project in FABLAB HAMAMATSU.

What did we made?

We make vegetable cut machine.

We were inspired from "firewood chopping machine".

First, we drew rough sketch.


Yoshimasa Suda : Student

Masato Takemura : Little help as Local instructor

Setup Gestalt node and wxgestalt program

We setup 2 axis Gestalt node. This documentation is described It's sold in member's personal site

Mecanical design

We designed using Draftsight.

We had the problem. Laser cutter was broken. Mirror part was melted

So we switched the way to cut, machine laser cutter to CNC machine.

We switched the material MDF to plywood.

Construct and Test

We constructed MDF, plywood, and motors.

This is demo movies. Stepper motor was step-out.