The Fab Academy
2014 Tutorials
Project Management

Mercurial Basics and Resources

Installing Mercurial Mac

Installing Mercurial Ubuntu

Mercurial Troubleshooting

Installing Mercurial on Windows using Cygwin (not optimal, native is better)

Computer Controlled Cutting

Steps to create a press fit feature in Inkscape

Using the Snap.svg Library To Manipulate SVGs with Javascript

Electronics Production

Fab ISP Parts Layout (20MHz crystal)

Fab ISP Parts Layout (20MHz resonator)

Fab ISP Key Parts Layout (from Andy Bardagjy)
This is to accompany Andy Bardagjy's version in "USB key" form from Use version 2.3!

Using the Modela to Mill PCBs

Computer-Aided Design

Using Gimp to Generate Web Size Pictures on a MAC

Insert Flickr Images in html webpage

Living Hinge kokopelli

3D Scanning and Printing

How to Create an STL file from a XYZ file in MeshLab