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Invention, Intellectual Property and Income Assignment

This assignment, despite its long and complicated title, will be brief.

After coming to terms with  the final project Idea, this being the blimp alternate project described in the previous assignment, is time to devise a strategy to expand into the world my particular project, this idea I have summarized in the following diagram:

Workflow for Inventions

After this, I will address the points in the diagram one by one:

Project / Product Standardizing

Complete Project

This item is self-explanatory, in order to further expand the project to other people, it needs to acheived a "finished" level.

Full Documentation

The Project Development Page will include the basic documentation for reproducing the project given a fablab facility is available.

Standard Packaging?

More than a standard package for the project, the intended presentation is more likely a standard Bill of Materials (BOM) and basic indications of where to source them from.

Reproduction License

Since most of the material used as inspiration for the project is Posted online using a Standard CC-NY-SA 2.5 License, I intend to keep the licensing scheme for the current project.

Workshop / Experimental Courses

After consolidating the Experience into a Procedural form, a Workshop to teach people how to make the project and test it can be designed and executed. It would include basic knowledge references and specific directions as how to assemble the project and other potential applications for the concept.


I intend to publish a polished and specific guide for the project online in sites such as or a particular site for the project and using existing social media channels to create a community of people interested in the project, its implications and further extensions.

Further Applications

Further applications for the project will depend on community feedback or arisen need learned from peers in the Workshops/ courses environment.