Isaac Robles

This section of the website is About personal matters.

Ultra- Short Bio

I was born in Cerro de Pasco, I moved to Lima shortly after and have lived here ever since.
Graduated from The National Engineering University (Universidad Nacional de Ingenierķa) with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

I have worked as Research Assistant in my faculty, schoolteacher and Factory Engineer. I have been involved in a number of side projects related to architecture, art and literature, science Fiction in particular.

I have been involved in the Fablab since 2011, when the Fab7 conference was held in Lima, Peru.

I am currently a member of the Peruvian Fab Lab Association and at the same time i'm working with ESAN University on their own Fab Lab Development Project.

A Few Links:

IRR256 [at] gmail [dot] com / isaac [at] fablablima[dot] org / irobles [at] esan [dot] edu [dot] pe

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