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Project Proposal

Of course, since This is a Proposal, is not written in stone  and most certainly will change along the way.
When this whole Fab-adventure began, I considered several project options in time, and even wrote a small list of potential projects and what they would be about, you can find the list with a short description here.
So, I had a sort of interesting list to start from. I'm still interested in making some of those projects, in time.

One of the ideas I am still interested in is in water collection from fog, but I needed another, more encompassing project to cover most of the content in the academy. So after some thought, I came up with the following idea (it's a very raw sketch, I must admit):
sketch 1
The project is about building a remote-controlled drone which can be used as a detection engine. I've been thinking about using it to detect electromagnetic pollution or as a sonar probe (for instance, to locate archaeological sites buried or people buried under a collapsed building after an earthquake) It  will transmit the detection data to a workstation (a laptop) where an application will appropriately display the data for the user's analysis.

Most likely, due to the power constraints in the motors that are used in the Fab Academy, it is more likely that the drone will be propelled using several engines, a quad or hexacopter.
sketch 3

The inner workings are kind or more complicated, and I am still working on the work organization, but I can say it's composed of four elements:


The whole board musings in the breakdown are in this Flickr Photostream, unfortunately in spanish, translation pending:

As for the project Schedule, I've come up with a rough schedule, still a work in progress and most certainly will not be kept, but here it is:


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