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Adam Harris
FabAcademy Projects

May 21st 2014:   Invention,  Intellectual Property and Income

The discussion today focused on Possibilities for how to protect intellectual property.


Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project.

My Plan:

    I don't trust patents and since I've already released these webpages chronicling how to make my final project, it wouldn't really be patentable anyway.

I always work under two main theories. 

  1.     If it is a good idea, keep it a trade secret and shut up about it. Trade secrets are protected under US law, and you don't have to tell the whole world you ideas.   Patents are relatively dumb for a few reasons. 

    • You literally have to explain to the whole world how your thing works and how they can copy it.  There are unscrupulous people in the world who will take that idea and run with it.  Then it would be up to you to find them, and litigate against them.  All the while other companies could be stealing your ideas and getting away with it.  You will quickly go broke fighting the lawsuits unless you are a supermassive company.

    • You must patent your idea in every country in the world, then keep an eye out for patent thieves

    • Patents can cost thousands of dollars.   I've seen recent estimates of $7-10k depending on the patent attorney for the whole process.  I can't afford to waste my money that way (maybe I should go to law school and become a patent attorney though... hmm.....)

    • If another supermassive company does patent something and can successfully stop others from copying their ideas, then they can prevent useful technologies from helping the human race.  That's the whole reason to develop things to begin with!!!  This upsets me because in some cases, people die or suffer needlessly because some fat-cat or patent troll is preventing dissemination of useful and good technologies and ideas.

  2. I release anything not important enough to keep as a trade secret as open source. This way, people can benefit from me in some way and they can be satisfied with the fact that I'm giving them something at least (unlike if I were to patent everything).

So along that vein, my plan for dissemination is to:

           I don't think there would be any particular tasks that would require experts in any field (except fabrication of the cutting die of course).


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