Emmett and I pondering

Mickie Flores,
(and my grandson Emmett)

I live in Deer Isle, Maine which is an island with a beautiful bridge and wonderful children and a Fab Lab. I teach Math and Science at Deer Isle Stonington Elementary School and I want my final project to be  captivating, amazing and phenomenal.

THEN I want to share my Fab Lab knowledge with my students and, via the Haystack Fab Lab, have my students  able to use the same processes someday (soon) to make something captivating, amazing and phenomenal.

Our days of solely employing paper mache, index cards and rubber bands  are in the past....I would like to create a model of the human body with organs that are accurate, fun, and moving. Peristalsis in action. Villi in technicolor. Synapses that crackle or jingle or do something we can hear. Woo-hoo.
bridge in fog


Emmett explaining design

students separating

students with model

students building index
              card support  

Mickie Flores Resume