Week 16 Interface

by Moritz Begle

Posted on May 23, 2013 at 15:00 PM

Processing Interface

The aim of this class assignment to create an interface for your system that works as an input and controls an output device. The content of the class can be found "here"

According to my final project I started to create a controll for my cameradolly. It is defined by 3 diffrent sliders which will controll each single motor.


The Arduino sketch contains a serial communication with my Fab LEO responding to the values coming from the processing file. the values which have a range between 0-1023 are being mapped to the ledpulse width of 0-255. The Sketch can be found "here"


The Serial is being imported by a library called import "import processing.serial.*;" and through the Control P5 library i was able to create a really nice itnerface containg the sliders. If the Processing sketch doesn’t work the first time, you may need to make a small adjustment to properly locate the port to which your Arduino is connected. In the Processing sketch, look for the black code block which will show the diffrent ports available.

Once you read through the big range of possibilities the library gives you its quite simple to set up any kind of slider.

The link to the ControlP5 can be found here "here"

The processing sketch can be found "here"

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