Week 14 Networking & Communications

by Moritz Begle

Posted on June 02, 2013 at 15:00 PM


The aim of this class assignment was to design and build a wired &/or wireless network connecting at least two nodes. The content of the class can be found "here"

The Networking and Communications is a major part of my final project. I have been connecting finally a Arduino as couldn`t manage to make the Fableo work with my 3 bipolar steppernodes. These are driving my 3 Nema 17 Motors. To program the diffrent microcontrollers I used Arduino and Processing. For the Attiny 44 bipolar stepperdrivers, I finally had to start from Neils code and adapted it to my needs as I couldnt make any other code work on it. Each Node has its own identity and listens to the values preset for its rotation direction (cw or ccw). I couldn`t manage to adjust the speed and as a result it doesn`t move as smooth as I was hoping. The values are being received through the networking pin TX from the Mainboard.


This is transforming the commands comming from the processing script. In Processing I created an ControlP5 interface including 5 buttons. Each button is designated to a specific function. The advantage of the script is that it is modular system and can be added as many times as wished. The next step would be to add diffrent preset programs to run the machine autonomously.

The secondary gear will be fixed with 3 screws to the upper level not only to distribute the forces but also to regulate the distance inbetween the upper and lower part. Underneith the gear the gear washers take care of minimizing the friction inbetween.

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"Download design/code files here"