Electronics production

Frustrations in week 5

This week has not been to kind to me. First of all we found out that we were lacking some components to build the ISP circuit that was the task of the week, so we had to get them from Frosti in Vestmanneyjar. I managed to get the components on friday evning. Saturday and sunday I started to update my knowledge in Html and at the same time we started to try to get FabModules to work for us with no luck at all. Monday we got a wisit from two disigners that are working here in the Fab Lab for the week and the Modela has been kind of busy, but inbetween I managed to "fix" the corrupt files in Fab Modules that have been bothering us, just to find out that it did not work albeit the fix.
Tuesday evening we started milling circuits with CAD PY, and choose the one named hello.isp.44cad from the academy. When I started to gather the components we just found out that the IC44 processor was not to be found in our inventory. A small setback since we had one circuit laying around, so I started to desolder it and solder it to the new board. Valur, my academy mate here in Sauđárkrókur has earlier built this circuit board, so we agreed on that I would do it this time, since I have never built a circuit board before.
This went amazingly well, considered that I have ten thumbs when it comes to so small objects. Looking proud at the first component eager to complete my work, I started to try to find out where the crystal was supposed to be placed. To my disbelive I found out that the crystal we had got from Vestmanneyjar was 12Mhz, but the circuit I had milled, demanded a smaller 20Mhz crystal.
With a disbelive I started to plan for a new circuit, but as I tried to desolder the processor I just had soldered on a circuit board, I managed to wreck it, making the project comming to a complete stop for now.
I will gather new components in the next days and start the electronics building project again, hopefully with better luck.

Lesson learned: When building electronics; start by gathering all components before starting the soldering!

This page will be updated when I have built the circuit board