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¿Where is León?.

León is located in the northwest of Spain, about 340 km from the Spanish capital, Madrid. The best way to get to León is to travel to Madrid. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport has a total of 173 destinations served by 75 airlines. From Madrid to León, the fastest way to get there is by the High Speed Train, AVE Renfe. In just over 2 hours you can get from Madrid Chamartin to León.

More than 2000 years of history.

The capital of the Old Kingdom of León surprises the traveler who approaches it for the first time, due to its admirable historical and artistic monuments -The Cathedral, San Marcos, San Isidoro, are the most universal-, which are integrated into a modern city full of landscaped squares, parks, fountains and wide avenues. This harmonious conjunction of venerable stones, steeped in history, with careful urban development with the environment and quality of life, makes the City of León a first-class destination for Cultural Tourism.

Health, gastronomy and nature.

Spain is in third place in the health system in the world. The public health system in Spain is free and universal: consultations, access to emergencies and medicines are free. Spain's gastronomy is famous throughout the world, as evidenced by the recognition international to its chefs. In addition, it is healthy and an example of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is the star ingredient; Iberian ham, a national pride; and Spanish wines, the ideal accompaniment to toast. In León you can find the best sausages, cheeses and wine, such as red wine from El Bierzo.

León, the human scale city

León is a city where everything is very close, it is a city of about 150,000 inhabitants and you can go from end to end in about 45 minutes.

Fab Lab León facilities

With capacity for 99 people, Fab Lab Leon can be organized with 8 group work areas.

Main advantages


There is a large number of hotels within a 30-minute walk (5 minutes by car) and with prices between €30 and €250/night depending on the category.

Cost of living

A normal meal, two plates and dessert, cost around 12€/person. Life is cheap at León, and you can walk from one side to another.


In a one day trip you can go to visit Asturias to enjoy the sea, or go to Madrid and enjoy the capital of Spain.